Book: Michael Robert - The Secrets and Method of a Great Champion

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The Secrets and Method of a Great Champion

A new approach to equitation through a quest for harmony and complicity with the horse.

Michel devotes most of his book to the rider's mental preparation: attitude, behaviour, the way one acts and thinks …
… moving beyond technique with a positive and open mind.

A process that favours being honest with oneself, with others and with horse.

In this spirit, explore his method based on using wide-angle vision:

  • The physical preparation of both horse and rider,
  • Preparing to jump by working on the flat: having the horse on the bit, a straight horse, one that bends, flying changes, reining back ...
  • Working over fences with the approach, the strides ...
  • Ideas für training exercises,
  • And his precious advice for being at one's best when competing, both mentally and physically.

"Great equitation comes from love, from respect for the horse, and from physical and mental balance. I chose to ride and to teach in this spirit a long time ago. Today I would like to share this experience with you: riders, instructors, owners ... and horses, an experience that I am conviced will be a source of well-being, progress and performance for you all."
Michel Robert

"Horses do not share great common projects with human beings, but were they to choose a book, this would be their favourite one."
Jean-Jacques Boisson (Cadre Noir de Saumur)