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Reflection on the primal causes. For riders in pursuit of knowledge and understanding
Written for riders who want to find out more, who want the very best for their horse, or even nurture ambitions to become fully involved in the world of classical dressage; whether a complete beginner or a qualified and experienced rider ... The knowledge imparted in this book is applicable to all breeds of horses. Because a horse - as far as its anatomy is concerned - was, is and always will remain a horse.
The beginner who reads this book attentively will be able to avoid many errors as well as the natural consequences these may involve - quite irrespective of the style of riding they decide to follow later. The advanced leisure rider finds out about ways of improving his horse's physical well-being, and how to ride it with very subtle aids and without ever needing auxiliary reins.
The experienced rider will find inspiration as well as practical information and advice about how to further improve and enrich the "meaningful work with horses".
Everyone who is involved with horses should respect the dignity of these animals which, more than any other creatures, have supported us human beings in our development and progress throughout the centuries. Let us work together to bring more riding culture back into equestrian sport. Your horse will be immensely grateful!
What makes this book special?
In this book scientific knowledge and practical experience combine and complement each other. Everything imparted by Anja Beran on the basis of experience is scientifically substantiated by Dr. Gerhard Heuschmann.
192 pages