Book: Wound Management in Horses - Dr. Arno Lindner

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In this book, Jacintha Wilmink and her colleagues from the Netherlands give an insight into how to recognise the phases of wound healing as well as general approaches to treatment. Anton Fürst and Michelle Jackson from Switzerland describe the best way of ahdnling acute wounds while Derek Knottenbelt from England gives a detailed account of handling chronic wounds, putting special emphasis on all clinicans being aware of the increasing frequency of sarcoids and their involvement in wounds that fail to heal. Finally, Uwe Petermann from Germany desxribes his experience with laser acupuncture to acceleate wound healing in horses and to re-start the healing process if it stops before the wound has healed properly. The book includes the discussions between the aouthos mentioned and the participants of the meeting on wound management in horses held in April 2002 in Bonn, Germany.